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The powerful EstrichBoy 32-amp compressed air conveyor

The true EstrichBoy conveyor from Brinkmann
Particularly suitable for noise-sensitive areas and green zones
Quieter, with zero emissions and no diesel costs
Reliable, robust and easy to use
It can be used on any construction site with a 32-amp connection
Optional innovative 16-amp additional unit for more power
Many equipments and options available

Technical performances
• The quality of the true EstrichBoy from Brinkmann
• Optionnal unit for an additional performance boost
• Standard 32 A socket and 16 A socket with optional additional unit
• Can be reduced to 25 amps if required for the construction site
• Shock-proof socket for lights, etc. is available
• Optimized cooling system

User comfort
• Extremely quiet machine
• Robust and intuitive keypad with a coloured LED display
• Fast and intuitive settings change
• Centralised lubrication system as standard
• Working lights in option
• Mixing time setting in option

Manpower gain
• Storage box for essential tools
• High pressure cleaner available in option
• Intelligent delivery air control leads to shorter delivery times
• Overload protection ensures interruption-free work

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EC 350