Lancy - Application floor screed / sand

Floor screed /sand

The Lancy pneumatic conveyors conveys both floor screeds and also sand, gravel, fine and lean-mixed concrete.

When processing floor screed, the components (water, aggregate, binding agent) were given into the vessel on site, mixed there and then delivered to the discharge stand by compressed air.

The material can be added to the TM in various forms:

  • as a site mix (water, aggregate, binding agent)
  • from a two-chamber silo (materials metered direct from the silo into the mixing tank)
  • as premixed dry mortar (the material is added to the mixing tank either from sacks or in combination from a silo and flow-type mixer)
  • fresh mortar (the mixed wet goods are added to the mixing tank from a truck mixer)
Recommended machines
DC 450