Lancy - PH9B-P


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Designed on the basis of solutions recognized for many years to be reliable, simple and robust. Optimized for grout pumping, micropiles, filing and patch screeding.

Machine fully designed using reliable and known technical solutions
Patented dust extraction system, very efficient as it is directly connected to the the mixer bin
245 L XXL mixer (optional), for even a higher performance level
Perfect water system to set-up and control the water dosage in all simplicity
Optimal weight balance on the drawber for better manoeuvrability on jobsite
Skid version also available (on request)
Less maintenance time with the main components freely and easily accessible

User safety
• Dust extraction system = 95% less dust
• Low noise emission
• Very good balance, drive axle without brake
• Skid version optimzed for cranes and forklifts

User comfort
• Compact machine, easy to handle with low loading height
• Sucking water pump directly connected to the mixer and the HPC
• Simple water meter system with digital display
• Integrated high pressure cleaner (HPC) in option

Manpower gain
• Hydraulic drives mixer, effortless and optimal safety
• Large volume mixer (XXL version) available in option
• Low costs of ownership. Robust machine with reliable components

Technical comfort
• Complete equipment to ensure perfect material mixing and pumping
• Ergonomic, full, waterproof and centralized control panel
• 2-way remote control in compliance with European Directive 2006/42/CE in option

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